How to Plan Your Backyard Resort Living

Warmer seasons allow spending more time outdoors with family and friends. If you’re considering renovating your space, consider remodeling your backyard, patio, deck, landscape, pool, and walkways; these spaces dramatically change your property. Backyard resort living is a popular term that many homeowners are embracing to turn their space into a living, breathing outdoor luxury. While this may seem complex, you can make it your reality by implementing some of these simple remodeling ideas discussed below.

Research Some Experts in Landscaping

To get started, you need to identify some professionals you need to make your vision a reality. The ones you pick depend on your current and future landscaping needs. Some commonly requested professionals for backyard resort living include arborists, irrigation specialists, lawn care experts, landscape planners, designers, and architects.

An arborist will help you select the best-suited trees for your landscape. They understand pruning, management, nutrient requirements, and techniques. Your selected irrigation specialist will ensure you use water efficiently by designing and installing the best-suited watering systems. You may need a lawn care specialist to help you select appropriate grass, treat any prevailing problems, and provide nutrients.

Landscaping contractors are among the most essential for this stage; the planners, designers, and architects enhance your outdoor lying space. They design features like outdoor kitchens, themed yards, water ferrets, flowerbeds, and sitting areas. The crew will bring fresh ideas on the placement of walkways, pergolas, fire pits, etc. You can source these experts from friends, families, or online. Check their online reviews and request to visit an ongoing job site to determine their expertise before hiring them.

Locate a Reputable Service for Removing Trees

Having trees as part of your backyard resort living has many benefits. Trees improve the appearance of the space and the quality of life by introducing wildlife habitats and natural elements into urban settings. They are crucial in cooling your backyard, providing shade and air purification benefits. You will relish the opportunity of providing shelter to other species and protecting your space from extreme winds and preventable flooding.

To enjoy all these benefits and more, you must first identify the best-suited local tree removal services for your backyard. The company must be close by, and they must have a reliable mobile service that can reach your premise promptly. Secondly, confirm their insurance and licensure status, which is crucial in case of an unforeseen accident that damages power lines or your property. They should be licensed and insured to practice in your area, that way, their insurance provider can compensate for any loss or damage.

Most companies have posted information about their legal status on their website but you may ask them directly if they have not. Check their ratings online via reliable sites like Google Reviews or Yelp and reach out for recommendations from those around you. Ask for estimates from different companies after identifying the services you will need regularly, such as pruning, trimming, and hedge work. You should find a tree service company that offers emergency services in case of an unforeseen event, like trees falling on your compound during a storm.

Inquire About Maintenance for Certain Trees

After identifying the landscape experts you need, ask them about the maintenance of the trees you currently have and those you will acquire. Their advice will inform your decision-making about the types of trees for your backyard resort living. Most homeowners prefer trees that are easy to manage all year round without outsourcing services every time. Commercial clients often have a budget for outdoor maintenance and can afford to hire a tree service company on a retainer basis to maintain the trees yearly.

Tree trimming services are among the basics of maintaining tree health. A reliable tree company will help you cut down diseased, broken, or overgrown branches to keep things neat. Pruning is also essential to motivate healthy growth. Enquire about the fertilizer you will need to boost growth and any essential pesticides to ward off insects and pests.

Most importantly, monitor the growth of your trees closely to identify potential issues before they escalate. During winters, you must protect your trees from cold and frost; this is crucial for fruit trees that are more vulnerable to extreme weather. Ask your provider about reliable plastic guards to shield the trunk from sunscald. You may also use burlap, sheets, or tarps if you want to cover the entire tree down to the ground.

Discuss Fencing Options With Experts

Schedule a consultation session with your fencing contractor to enhance safety and privacy in backyard resort living. Ask them about viable fence options based on your taste, needs, and budget. You can consider cedar fencing that uses authentic wood for an appealing and durable outcome. Even though you may apply a sealant that protects it from the elements and keeps the fence looking great, it still requires routine maintenance at least once a year.

Another great option when reviewing fence services is modern vinyl. It is one of the most popular choices today due to its durability and low maintenance. Unlike traditional vinyl which would sag and turn yellow, modern vinyl is thicker, higher quality, and stain resistant. You will need a professional to install this properly for a seamless look that will last you years.

If you want the wooden look without the burden of maintenance. You should consider getting a composite fence. It resembles wood but is made from wood fibers and plastic polymers, making it easy to maintain. Find the highest quality possible, as skimping on the cost by opting for a low-quality option may significantly affect your fence’s durability.

Consider Building a Customized Pool

A customized pool will add character to your backyard resort living. Private, customized pools are luxurious, convenient, and entertaining to you and your guests. Not to mention the benefits of building it in whichever size or shape you prefer. They are an excellent opportunity to communicate your personality and style to anyone you invite to your space.

You need to consider a few things before getting the ball rolling on this project. They include the building permits, plumbing system, electrical system, circulation, landscape, maintenance, and budget. Begin by identifying which type of pool you want between above-ground, in-ground, and infinity edge. All these details may seem complex but can be simplified when you hire custom pool builders to help you with design and construction.

Consider using design tools and platforms like Pinterest to create a mood board for this project. Add these findings to the recommendation your pool builder will give you. Get involved in the construction phase by checking in on the progress to identify if there is a need for adjustments early enough remember you may need a pool maintenance service to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

Think About Upgrading Your Existing Pool

Suppose you own a pool and want to add more spice to fit well into your backyard resort living. Depending on your vision, you can upgrade it by adding more features that require little to significant construction changes. Consider adding more water elements like waterfalls, cascading fountains, deck jets, water sconces, and water walls. You can install LED lights to complement these new features and improve the ambiance.

Hire pool remodeling services to add or refresh your hardscaping or deck. Improve the surrounding space using cleverly designed lounges, seating, chairs, and tables. You can have stone steps leading to the pool area to make the space look modern and add traction around your pool. Extend the enjoyment space with a seating wall and other alternative sheltered seating areas.

Install an outdoor sound system to keep you and your loved ones entertained without bringing out your indoor speakers whenever you want to lounge by the pool. This will be handy when hosting summer events in your backyard. Also, consider an outdoor kitchen and living room so guests do not have to walk into your home when they need something. You can have a full outdoor experience where you cook, sit, and swim comfortably without stepping into your house.

Invest in an Improved Deck

Even when going for a luxury look, you can still save a few cents by improving what you have instead of gutting out everything in your backyard. Give your deck an upgrade through the professional services of a deck restoration company. They will do a complete makeover that changes the furniture, color themes, and style for a new feel. Their expertise will help you determine the best pieces for your space, including outdoor lighting and accessories like vases, pillows, throws, and bowls.

Expand your deck if it was too small, and move the staircase further from the entrance to the house to create more room. Sand down your wooden pallets and sand them in your preferred stain finish to make them look brand new. A dead space under the deck is an eyesore that you can eliminate by building a skit using durable, rust-free aluminum panels, giving an interesting background for your flower beds. These changes may seem small but can have an impressive impact on your backyard resort living.

Build a New Patio and Walkway

Hire concrete contractors to design and build you a new patio and surrounding walkways. If you have a patio, they will also provide demolishing services to remove it before preparing the ground for the new one. A DIY patio is doable when you do not want a complicated design like a simple square one. However, if you want a patio with various shapes, beds, and curves, you must hire a professional.

You can choose a patio made from concrete, clay bricks, flagstone, gravel, pavers, stone slate, or tiles. The materials you select should align with your needs and budget but overall, most patio materials are durable because they need to withstand harsh elements outdoors. The same applies to walkways but the most commonly used materials are pavers and the most economical are mulch and gravel.

The design of your patio and walkways is crucial to improving aesthetics in backyard resort living. Some beautiful walkway ideas include textured walkways, painted planks, paved patterns, modern monochrome, and circular steps. When designing your patio, look beyond cost and consider a bistro, living room, sun deck, and dining patio.

Ask About Receiving Professional Cleaning for Your Hardscaping

Hire a pavement cleaning service to refresh your hardscape for spring or summer. Over time, hardscape accumulates mold, mildew, and dirt from overgrown weeds, daily use, and oxidation. With pressure washing services, you can get your walkways, patios, and other features looking brand new. The detailed process involves pulling out weeds, sweeping, scrubbing, and sometimes sanding.

Many cleaning companies post photos of their previous project to showcase the dramatic transformation they gave to other clients. You can use these images to select the one for your backyard resort living. If you clean the hardscape, select the right products for the best possible outcome. Some viable examples include mold, moss & mildew cleaner, efflorescence remover, a degreaser, a paver washer, bleach, etc.

Work With a Company That Will Sandblast Your Backyard Metal

Refreshing your metal fixtures is another way to liven up your backyard resort living. You can sandblast them using sand abrasive that is channeled through a nozzle by air or steam. Hiring a professional for this is best, as not all types of sand are viable. Options like regular or beach sand can cause injury, and they also contain more than 1% silica which is the required amount to get the job done.

Sandblasting removes rust, oils, old paints, and stains on metals. The abrasive used in sandblasting helps the primer bond to the metal. Without it, the powder would peel from the metal surface.

Above are ten key ways to improve your backyard outdoor living experience. Some of them you can get down through a DIY project, but you will need professionals for the more complex tasks like tree trimming or hardscape construction. Adding features to your existing space is a great way to spruce up your backyard. However, other times you may need to gut out the entire space and begin afresh.

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