Your Guide to Fence Repair

Homeowners with fences may worry about the cost of fence repairs. However, homeowners should watch Home Depot’s Youtube video about fence repair before calling a fencing service. The video gives instructions on how to replace a rotted fence post.

Video Source

The most reported problem with wooden fences is rotted posts. Underground moisture can cause a fence post to rot, and you’ll need to replace that post. Before buying a replacement post, measure the post you’ll be replacing – including the position of the posts that enter it.

To begin, draw lines above and below each rail of the rotting post. Then, use a circular saw to sever those lines. Use a hammer to pound out the cut pieces. Then, remove any screws or nails. Place 2”x4” posts under the adjacent fence to secure the fence. Remove the old fence post. Use a post-hole digger to create a clean hole for the new post.

To ensure alignment, stretch a “mason’s line” from one fence post to the other. Place the new post in the hole and tamp it down until it’s aligned. Insert the rails from the adjacent posts into the new post. To set the post, pour in gravel and top it with soil. Finally, use nails to secure it in place.

By following these instructions, you can confidently repair your fence. Contact a professional if you need additional help! Or if you just feel like leaving it to the experts, they’re ready to help.


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