How to Install and Test Your Safety Pool Cover

So you purchased a safety pool cover. But the question is, do you know how to install it? When you buy a safety pool cover, it means you made a commitment to protecting and maintaining the pool. In this video, let us know how to install a safety pool cover the right way.

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1. First, you have to open the packaging and check to ensure that all required parts have arrived with the Cover. You need to check the number of brass anchors and screws that as well, as they are important in the installation.

2. Next, you might want to consider gathering just a few helpers. Yes, you probably think that you can do the job on your own, but the process of installation would be easier and quicker if someone will help you.
3. Gather all the tools needed for the installation. Tools like a hammer drill, tape measure, concrete drill, chalk, wooden block, and even the Allen key.
4. Proper positioning is also very important. The safety pool cover should also have proper placement and layout to ensure proper cover performance in the winter.
5. You should not also skimp on eyebolts, especially when working with vertical surfaces of beams, water features, and walls.
6. You should also protect the cover as it can be whipped by the winds during the winter. Even minor rubbing against rockwork could cause tearing.


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