How to Easily Light Your Outdoor Space

On the YouTube channel Lamps Plus they discuss outdoor light tips in the video “The Best Outdoor Lighting Tips-How To Light Your Outdoor Space”. Outdoor lighting gives the home or office curb appeal. The porch and wall lights greet visitors at night. These lights let visitors see where the front door and pathway are at night.

The biggest mistake customers make with outdoor lights is buying lights that are too small.

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The lights should be 1/3 the size of the door for one light and 1/4 the size for two lights. Lights should be installed at eye level. Another problem is that often they use bulbs that are too bright. Less light goes a long way and using lower watt bulbs will correct this mistake. Different types of light create an effective visual effect at night.

Ambient light is a general light that allows family and guests to move around safely at night outdoors. Wall lights, porch lights, and posts provide this type of lighting. Task lights require an outdoor lighting fixture that helps light areas where someone performs tasks, like cooking in an outdoor kitchen or lighting a swimming pool for entertaining at night.

Accent lighting requires an outdoor lighting fixture that highlights specific statues, fountains, water features, architecture, or gardens outdoors. Motion sensor lights provide security for the front and back yards, offices, parking lots, and garage areas.

Outdoor lighting fixtures provide safety for your home or business. Using several types of lights will increase the value of the property and give it curb appeal.

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