Tree Trimming Tips

Trees are something that we don’t often think about, which is somewhat odd because trees are also something many of us appreciate. In fact, there are countless homeowners who own and have trees around their homes and on their property. When those trees that offer shade, beauty, and even sweet treats become an overgrown nuisance, however, they also become less attractive and appreciated. Those are also reasons why tree trimming is important, and as the attached video shows, it is also how we keep our trees healthy, happy, and from becoming a problem. The good news is, in many cases, tree trimming is a job that many homeowners can tackle themselves.

Video Source

To begin with, it is important not to just go hacking and cutting every branch and limb you see. Branches and limbs should be cut using the three-cut method as shown in the aforementioned video. Next, for those difficult-to-reach branches, extension cutters are a good way to safely reach those areas that are higher up. Last but not least, also remember that if you need to climb a tree or go out on a limb – don’t. So, cut and prune and trim away what you can, but leave the dangerous stuff to professional tree trimming services who have the equipment, training, and tools they need for the job, and that allows you to stay safely on the ground.

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