What is Hardscaping Design?

Most are already familiar with landscaping, but what exactly is hardscaping? Understanding what hardscaping is will allow many to cultivate the right atmosphere and environment for their front yards, backyards, and other spaces around their property. In this article, we will discuss what hardscaping is and what it involves to help homeowners learn more about another element of yard design that they will almost certainly need to focus on.

What Is Hardscaping Design?

Hardscaping refers to any element of landscaping that is non-living. Whereas landscape design involves trees, flowers, and similar elements, hardscaping involves hard materials and their use.

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One excellent example of this is employing pavers to design a patio area or construct a wall in a backyard space. Hardscaping encompasses a wide range of materials, including concrete, sandstone, and beyond.

What Does It Entail?

Continuing with the above example, most people think about patios when they think about hardscaping. However, hardscaping is integrated into nearly every element of a home’s landscape. Beyond patios, projects involving hardscaping design might include retaining walls, fire pits, and fireplaces. All of these projects come with careful considerations that homeowners need to mull over like how much they will cost, what kind of maintenance they demand, and whether or not they will hold up in certain climates.

Hardscaping sets the foundation for the rest of a property’s landscape. With careful consideration and a better understanding of hardscaping design, finding the right solutions becomes a breeze.


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