How a Retaining Wall Contractor Creates Perfect Walls

A backyard is often a space enjoyed by family and friends alike, but weather and time can degrade the ground and cause instability. In order to prevent this, many homeowners will opt for a retaining wall to segment each part of their lawn. This allows land to be level and secure where the retaining wall contractor builds it to.

This process is not complicated, but it requires heavy machinery and a lot of material, so it’s best if a professional does the project rather than doing a DIY project.

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First, the expert marks where the wall will go, at the direction of the homeowner. The expert will then remove excess dirt from that area, creating a space for the wall to be built. That dirt is sometimes hauled away entirely, or reused in a separate part of the lawn.

The retaining wall is then started with cement blocks for support. These are laid on top of one another in an interlocking fashion to provide the best support for the new area. Sometimes cement adhesive is used to prevent slipping or instability, but the weight of the blocks is sometimes enough for the job.

Finally, the retaining wall contractor fills dirt in on the proper side of the wall, and grass seed is added to begin the growth process. After just a few months, the project will be entirely finished and you can enjoy the new area.

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