Tips for Outdoor Patios Design and Hosting

If you have outdoor patios you would like to use more for family gatherings and hosting other types of occasions, it’s a good idea to be prepared with some time and energy-saving products.

  • Caddy Basket: A caddy basket is a great resource to have for outdoor hosting, especially if you’re going to be dining on your patio or by the pool. Get one that has compartments and slots for napkins, plates, silverware, etc.

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  • Drink Dispenser: A drink dispenser you can fill with ice and water or your drink of choice with riser legs is perfect to use for parties in your backyard. This allows you to place the glass underneath as you press the lever and avoid having to hunch over the glass while you wait for it to fill.
  • Wooden Serving Boards with a Twist: Choose a serving plate that has enough space for your appetizers and also has a slot to hold your drink. This helps you carry it around easily and avoid having to find space for it wherever you go, potentially spilling your food or drink.

The lighting for your outdoor space is incredibly important. Use string lights along your fence for a subtle and unique look. You can get lanterns with a fake flame to keep this area safe, which is a plus if you have young children or pets.


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