Your Guide to Repairing a Retaining Wall

“How to fix a failing retaining wall,” a video published by The Real Seal, LLC, a retaining wall service. This video concerns a 3-5 foot poured concrete retaining wall that broke in half, with about 20 feet leaning into a loading dock driveway. Their job is to return the leaning portion of the retaining wall to upright and secure it properly.

Video Source

As the video starts, the crew has removed dirt and other materials behind the wall, allowing it to move back into place. They also installed four wall plates on the wall’s driveway side. The plates have threaded rods that go through the wall and penetrate 18 feet into the dirt, where they dug holes and screwed another set of plates onto the other end of the rods.

The video then shows four crew members cranking wretches on the driveway side of the wall, slowly pulling the wall back to vertical. The plates that are 18 feet away provide the pressure to pull the wall back into place and secure it for years. Once the wall is back in place, they backfill the space behind it and place asphalt atop the backfill. The host also points out how the leaning retaining wall put pressure on the concrete driveway over the years, causing it to break and bow upwards.


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