How to Control Your Weeds This Summer

Weeds spread quickly and can overtake your garden if you’re not careful. That’s why you need a plan to keep weeds under control. This video from Elevated Lawnscapes has some excellent tips on getting rid of weeds without damaging your grass. Stick with these weed control suggestions, and you can keep your yard weed-free this summer!

Mulch is a valuable tool when you’re fighting weeds. Not only can mulch help your soil retain moisture on hot, sunny days, but it attracts helpful insects that feed on weed seeds.

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Mulch also makes it harder for weeds to get sunlight, preventing them from growing and spreading.

You should also use the proper techniques when weeding your yard. When possible, remove the entire weed, including the root. If you can’t pull out the weed without damaging other plants, prune the head of the weed so that it can’t spread its seeds. Try to weed after rainfall so that it’s easier to remove weeds!

Weeds are a pesky problem, but thankfully, plenty of techniques exist to deal with them. If you quickly remove weeds and prevent them from spreading, you’ll find it easier to manage your garden. Get rid of harmful weeds and give your other plants everything they need to thrive.

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