Proper Use of a Stainless-Steel Clamp

For any vehicle owner, having the right parts can mean the difference between having to make constant adjustments underneath the hood and making adjustments sparingly. With a stainless-steel clamp, having the right type for your vehicle can have a huge impact on how often maintenance will be required. Understanding how to properly use stainless-steel clamps and the different types is essential.

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With any engine, changes in temperature should be accounted for. This is especially true in areas with seasonal weather fluctuations because the engine will be going from very low to very high temperatures in a matter of minutes. These temperature changes can result in the expanding and contracting of clamps.

Understanding the different styles of clamps can help alleviate these temperature-affected concerns. The old style of clamps that can be screwed secure are cost-effective, however, will need to be retightened every so often to ensure they are functioning as desired. A constant tension stainless-steel clamp accounts for these changes in temperature. The clamp is able to expand when needed, but works like a spring and will tighten right back to the initial position. This prevents any leaks from occurring, as well as removes the need for constant supervision from the owner.

For additional information on stainless-steel clamps, please review the attached video.


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